We are mobilizing our new certified kitchen to create healthy meals for first responders and essential workers.


During this time of crisis, we cannot lose sight of the brave souls who are risking their lives on the frontlines, fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their hours are long, yet healthcare workers work tirelessly to ensure the safety of their fellow citizens, even if it means putting their own well-being at risk.

To support these brave men and women, you can now contribute to a crowdfund to provide medical staff with wholesome, healthy meals.

The project by Urban Pioneer Group, called “Meals2Medics”, aims to keep frontline healthcare workers nourished and energized for the fight against the pandemic.

If you can contribute in any way, shape or form,


from all of us at UPG

An important story about the crisis we are facing:

How can YOU help?

Volunteer: Contribute your time, while maintaining social distance. 


Monetary Donations: 

If you can contribute financially in any way, shape or form:


Venmo @UrbanPioneerGroup

Via Check to

7503 Madison St. Forest Park, IL 60130

Thank you!

Corporate Sponsorships and Chefs:


We heard the story of a family that showed a father, who is a doctor, has volunteered to self-quarantine himself away from his family as he treats patients suffering from coronavirus.


These are the unforeseen circumstances of Rachel Patzer, a medical professor. Paltzer shared a tweet on Tuesday that her husband, an emergency department physician and she, “made the difficult decision for him to isolate & move into our garage apartment for the foreseeable future as he continues to treat patients.” 


She finished her series of tweets asking everyone to not only take the pandemic seriously but hoped that “the projections of infections and serious cases are incorrect,” stating that the healthcare system will be overloaded if the predictions are true. 

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